About Us

     We are a fitness and wellness company based in Clarksville, Tennessee. We believe in fitness from the inside  out. Nutritious food, good water, natural herbs, vitamins and minerals are keys to a healthy body. Natural herbs can aid in keeping your inner terrain operating at peak performance. Many of the same herbs taken internally can be used topically to take care of your outer body. 

     As a certified Personal Trainer and Wellness specialist our owner M.C. Isaac has used and promoted natural herbal supplements for over 25 years. As a certified Pharmacy technician she has studied the side effects of pharmaceuticals and prefers the wonderful benefits from the natural plants that God has blessed the earth with. As a certified Herbal specialist she is now using her knowledge and experience to put together a unique blend of herbs, oils and botanicals to offer a natural product line that conscientious folk can benefit from.  

     MC'sNaturalStuff.com is the online store of ALLBODIESFIT.NET (check us out on the web and Facebook). We are introducing our first two products ABF (all bodies fit) pain relief oil and MC's comfort creme in or Shopify store beginning December 2015 as an introduction. Let us know how you like our products and there will be more to come.